Wednesday, November 02, 2005

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Monday, July 18, 2005

Mid Winter Party

The three wise men?

This was our Mid Winter Christmas dinner. I forget what the date was - sometime around midwinter though.

We all managed to fit around our table in the dining room with an added table at the end. It was nice and snug.

(Actually the table is still sitting at the bottom of our stairs because we need Ben's car to take it back to Church - Whooops!)

Grace said grace, and we all had to hold hands - which I think is a great idea.

Sally and Sarah did the decorations for the table with pot plants to take home, and everyone brought along food to eat which was very Yummy!

We had heaps of Chocolate and fun stuff for desert to eat and even managed to consume it all I believe.

A fun time was had by all, I got to know my church family even better than I already did and felt extremely full for the rest of the night.

Charmaine and Simon

The engagement party!

Well, it was a fab night all round. (That's basically what I put in the book everyone signed)

There was an even mix of family and friends, we all mixed and mingled and I learnt a lot about Charmaines Grandad, who apparently has travelled to almost every place in the world. So I had to quiz him and try and catch the guy out, but no! It seems that he has been everywhere.

I got to talk to Simons family too, and got to catch up with his brother.

Mikaela made a supprise entrance all the way from Auzzie (she loves doing that! and does it so well too) so we had almost all of the Newlands crowd - the only ones missing were Phil and Sarah who are in the USA.

There were lovely speeches all round, from Simon and Charlies parents, Charlies Grandad and the Best man - Chris Lamsam. I let him do the talking cause I was doing the other duty of writing down who gave what present (and also cause I'm not the best public speaker).
Charlies speech made me blush though - something about me doing stuff for them, I don't think I have done much though.

It was quite funny when I walked in - all of the guys, and a few girls, were gathered around the TV to watch the All Blacks rugby game. They won, so everyone was happy.

Simon and Charlie got lots of lovely gifts, the decorations were great, the people were fabulous and the cake was cool - it had a replicate picture of the cabbage tree that was on the engagement invites.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Coeliac; (sea-le-ack)

Cool title huh!

For those of you that are confused, I am not surprised - unless you know me of course and I have already explained the intricacies of this exciting word.

So what is a Coeliac. Well it's not actually a thing, or some strange Lithuanian animal - it is a disease.
If someone has Coeliacs, it means that they can't eat any food that contains Gluten. Unfortunately gluten just happens to be in Wheat, Oats, Rye, Barley and Malt. So that cuts out quite a few things in the ole food group, like bread, pasta, and chocolate cake (sigh!).

I don't know why I have it, or how I contracted it. Some people think it is in our gene's and if something drastic changes in our body - something that hormones seem to do very well - then that gene becomes active and creates havoc. Oh what fun, I can just see the gene now, bumping into my little old men and lady genes, graffiting on my intestinal wall, and staying up all night playing loud annoying music.
So all I really know is that I have it, my Aunty Judy has it and my mum and sister have allergies to gluten.

Just in case you were wondering, having an allergy and having coeliacs is different because if someone with an allergy to it eats gluten they feel sick and not very happy for a while, where as if a person with coelics eats it they can die.

Isn't this an exciting topic!

The upside to all of this is that I am actually eating a lot better than I used to (apart from Chocolate on Fridays of course which I am totally allowed to eat - Thank you God!). I don't have cakes and slices, biscuits and crackers, bread and butter pudding and fatty meat pies.

That is not to say that I miss out, oh contrare... Healtheries have come out with a gluten free bread mix and baking mix, so I have been experimenting by making fruit slices, fudge pudding and pancakes. Unfortunately the biscuits just don't taste all that good and come out flat and gooey.
There is also gluten free pasta and Nice And Easy have come out with an alright bread now - one that doesn't fall apart as soon as you look at it.
(Dr Kate) You see , gluten is the thing in flour that makes it all stick together and bouncy when you touch it. Take that out and you get bread bricks.

There are quite a few good sites to learn more about coeliacs disease and even ones with recipes.

That's all I have to say about that (Forest Gump)


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